Mouths are watering and tails are wagging!

Pups can’t get enough of Puploaf. When they sleep, when they play, when they cuddle! It’s all they think about! We know, we’re fluent in ruff ruff, and woof woof too!

Human-Grade, AAFCO-compliant

Veterinarian-Nutrition Specialist designed

Hand-baked fresh by Portland chefs

Personalized to your dog for better health

Our Puploaf flavors

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Turkey Puploaf nutritional info​

INGREDIENTS: Ground Turkey, Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Beef Liver, Evaporated Milk, Apples, Eggs, Nutritional Yeast, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sage, Rosemary, Chef’s Canine Complete (Vitamins & Nutrients)

Guaranteed Analysis

Max 77%
Crude Protein
Min 10%
Crude Fat
Min 5%
Crude Fiber
Max 2%
Calorie Content
1,607 kCal/kg

Beef Puploaf nutritional info

INGREDIENTS: Ground Beef, Tomatoes, Brown Rice, Breadcrumbs, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Apples, Eggs, Beef Liver, Kale, Nutritional Yeast, Rosemary, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chef’s Canine Complete (Vitamins & Minerals)

Guaranteed Analysis

Max 78%
Crude Protein
Min 7%
Crude Fat
Min 5%
Crude Fiber
Max 3%
Calorie Content
1,587 kCal/kg

Turkey Puploaf

The taste of Thanksgiving Dinner! That’s what your dog will experience with every slice of our delicious Turkey Puploaf. Your dog will be excited about every mealtime, and the word “Puploaf” will resonate with them like a treat. 

Beef Puploaf

A mouthwatering steak coming fresh off the grill. That’s what your dog will experience with every slice of our delicious Beef Puploaf. Your dog will be excited every mealtime, and the word “Puploaf” will resonate with them like a treat.

Family deserves fresh

You should be able to say every ingredient. At Fetch, every ingredient in our Puploaf serves a purpose. There are no added fillers or preservatives, only what your best friend needs to thrive. What’s in your bowl? What’s in your dog’s? Compare the two.

by chefs

Delivered within 48 hours of cooking

Locally-sourced ingredients

Made in a USDA-certified kitchen

Real Food vs Kibble

There is no competition! Puploaf is nutritionally balanced for your dog; kibble is like eating fast food. Find what sets our fresh food apart from the dry food that 90% of dogs are forced to eat. 

Fresh Puploaf

Safe for both humans & pups

Gentle on sensitive tummies

Can easily say all ingredients

Allergy-friendly promoting silky, smooth coats

Zero added fillers or preservatives

Dry Kibble

Increases chances of cancer and early death

Can cause dental disease and is hard to digest

Highly processed, low-quality ingredients

Increases chances of skin allergies and dry coats

Contains Preservatives or additives

Let's feed our family real food

Imagine putting a steak on the BBQ for 20 hours at the highest temperature and then leaving it in the pantry to dry for months. Now imagine that instead of steak it is discarded parts of animals from factory farms that after processing are injected with preservatives and fillers. That. Is. Kibble. 

Using clever marketing and manipulative food labels, big companies have led us to believe that kibble is what your best friend needs. Since the invention of kibble in the 20th-century, sickness, obesity, and disease have grown exponentially.


of dogs are fed kibble.

Nearly 50%

of dogs in the US die
from cancer.

Nearly 60%

of dogs are overweight
or obese.

Over 80%

of dogs will develop some
form of dental disease.

Soo... are they family?

If they are family, feed them like family.