The Fetch Vision

We envision a future where the love we have for our dogs is reflected in the way we treat them. 

The Fetch Mission

Our Mission is to improve and extend every dog’s life.

Our story starts with Charlie

Charlie was a lively and playful dog. Sadly, in 2015 at the age of 8, he started having terrible joint pain that quickly progressed and limited his ability to walk. Concerned, his pup parents Paul and Mary took him to the vet to find that he was dealing with autoimmune health issues.

Mary and Paul started researching the impact of diet on a dog’s health and quickly discovered that human grade food was a healthy alternative and might help Charlie’s overall prognosis. Through their research, Mary and Paul identified human grade foods that dogs can safely eat and started to make Charlie’s meals.  Not long thereafter, Mary and Paul saw an improvement in Charlie’s mobility, skin and mood. 

Making Charlie’s food was time consuming and so Mary and Paul looked for options to purchase human grade food for dogs and discovered companies offering national distribution of human grade good delivered.   They began to order food from those companies and received frozen food that looked like and had the consistency of wet dog food.  It arrived in expensive non sustainable packaging.  In addition, the cost to order was very expensive.  They decided to develop their own meals and packaging that is more authentic to the Portland and pacific northwest consumer and focus the Company’s effort on only serving our local market.

They hired a veterinarian nutritionist to develop meatloaf, (Puploaf), recipes for dogs which is delivered FRESH.  Then they hired local chefs who now love making Puploaf for local area dogs. 

Mary and Paul created simple packaging and implemented a packaging reuse program that customers feel good about participating to reduce the overall climate footprint of the Company and keep the price of their food more affordable. They want to invest the money in the quality of their food and not fancy, expensive and wasteful packaging.

Sadly, Charlie passed away in November of 2021 at the age 14. As Fetch continues to spread healthy, fresh, and tasty food to dogs across the Pacific Northwest, Charlie's legacy lives on.

A fresh revolution

The Pup’s bark for a revolution! And we’re giving it to them!