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Care for your dog like you care for yourself. With ingredients that help them live a longer, healthier, happier life. Made in our Portland kitchen and delivered to your door.


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Your pup is one of a kind. That’s why our personalized meal plans are specially tailored to your dog’s needs. Fetch chefs prepare 2 weeks of fresh food that ships to your door within 48 hours of cooking.

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Fetch Fresh Meal Plan

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Our most popular meal plan is intended to fully replace your dog’s current diet.

Delivered fresh bi-weekly.


Fetch Fresh Topper Plan

Dogs under 10lbs are not eligible for the Fetch Topper Plan, yet.

Enter your dog's weight to see pricing

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from $2.85/day

from $39.90/delivery period

Our wallet-friendly meal plan serves as a booster to your dog’s current diet.

Delivered fresh bi-weekly.

Fetch is 13% to 30% less expensive than national fresh dog food brands

Top quality food made in Portland

Learn why pup parents across the Pacific Northwest feed their dogs like family 

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Our story

Fetch is what happens when pup-lovers take a stand for their family. From our trusted veterinary experts to our in-house master chefs, each person on our team believes the best way to make dog food is from wholesome and delicious ingredients with all the nutrients your dog needs… and a whole lot of pup love!

Calling all PNW dog lovers

We are building a community of dog lovers. We want to see your dog live a longer, more vibrant life. 

We are from Portland, we make our food in Portland and we love our community. Can you confidently say the company that makes your dog’s kibble cares about them?

Fetch more fun, more cuddles, more love, more life!

You love your dog; so do we. That’s why we’re on a mission to give your furry family member a longer, healthier, happier and more balanced life, one dog bowl at a time. 

Human-Grade, USDA Certified

Vet-Nutritionist designed healthy

by local chefs

Fresh, real ingredients

Made in
Portland, Oregon

Tasty &
nutritious meals

to your dog

Delivered fresh

How it works

Step 1

Tell us about your pup. Our questionnaire gives our team insight into your dog’s nutritional needs.

Step 2

Let the magic happen. Once your order is in, our team of chefs begin cooking your pup’s tasty meals tailored specifically to them.

Step 3

Slice and serve. Your customized Puploaf arrives at your doorstep twice a month. Warm or cold, your pup will show you how much they love it.

Real Food vs Kibble

There is no competition! Puploaf is nutritionally balanced for your dog; kibble is like eating fast food. Find what sets our fresh food apart from the dry food that 90% of dogs are forced to eat.

Fresh Puploaf

Safe for both humans & pups

Gentle on sensitive tummies

Can easily say all ingredients

Allergy-friendly promoting silky, smooth coats

Zero added fillers or preservatives

Dry Kibble

Increases chances of cancer and early death

Can cause dental disease and is hard to digest

Highly processed, low-quality ingredients

Increases chances of skin allergies and dry coats

Contains Preservatives or additives

Veterinary Board of Advisors

Pups are barking, parents are talking

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“We have seen a trend in human diets moving away from processed foods towards whole food, diversity, and moderation. Why shouldn’t we be feeding our dogs as carefully as we nourish ourselves? Nutrition is one of the most powerful tools we have in preventative medicine. Food is medicine. I believe that feeding a diet that is fresh whole food inclusive can help prevent disease and better prepare the body to face disease. I am excited to have a local, community-driven company to recommend for my patients.”
Dr. Nikki Graf, DVM, CVA
Kenton Animal Hospital - Portland
“Intuitively, we all know that fresh ingredients provide better nutrients and contribute to better health. Likewise, the more processed the food is, the fewer nutrients available to the body. My experience in a holistic veterinary practice in the last ten years has allowed me to see firsthand the difference feeding fresh vs. dry food can make in pets' health. Because of this, I recommend fresh food daily as a part of a healthier lifestyle for my patients and as part of a treatment plan for pets with digestive, dermatologic, and even behavioral troubles. I am a true believer in feeding fresh food!”
Dr. Laura Strom, DVM, CVA pending
Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic - Portland
“The fundamental basics of health start with what you eat, and less processed foods are known to be better for you. The same is true for our beloved pets. I have been practicing integrative medicine for the past decade. My patients on fresh food diets have less gastrointestinal disease, are less reactive to allergies, and tend to respond better when faced with an illness. I look forward to having a local, fresh option conscious of its packaging.”
Dr. Lindsay Thurwachter, DCM, CVA, CVFT
Cathedral Animal Hospital - Portland
“I have had first-hand experience with my own personal pets where feeding them a freshly cooked diet solved GI issues for my dog Helo. For a couple of years, I tried numerous commercially available and prescription diets and supplements to resolve issues with diarrhea and gas. I solved those problems by switching him to a fresh-cooked diet. While I had many successes with many of these other diets with my patients, I was very appreciative to have this additional option for my dog and my clients. I am even more excited to be able to support a local business and one that also supports animal welfare organizations. ” 
Dr. Steve Kochis, DVM
Chief Medical Officer - Oregon Humane Society
“Fetch has been a GAME CHANGER for our Labradoodle Walter! The second we start preparing his food he runs to his “dinner table” and can’t wait to eat. We love the portion control cutting board, 2-week fresh delivery, and the Customer Service is 5-stars!”
Heath & Walter
"Kobe is absolutely loving his new food from Fetch! It’s truly incredible to see him, day after day, running to his bowl for meals. I’ve even started taking a little bits of Fetch loaf out on walks for training because it’s grabs his attention so well.”
Lisa & Kobe
“We love Fetch! Chloe is a very picky eater, and her vet does not want her on a grain-free diet because of her breed. It was very difficult to find high quality food. Fetch solved all of my problems at once. Chloe loves the taste and has not had any stomach issues since she’s been on Fetch.”
Sandy & Chloe
“Fetch to the rescue. We had tried everything, and even our “fancy” dog food was no appeal to Chip as he reluctantly consumed it at the end of the day. Enter Fetch, dog food so good you could easily mistake it for my Mom’s meatloaf. (I mean that as a compliment!) Fresh twice a month, delicious, nutritious and best of all, convenient.”
Taylor & Chip
Mary _ Roxie
“Roxie loves Fetch! She barrels down the stairs to eat it when I put it out. Easier to prepare than the previous food which required mixing with warm water. Just slice on the handy (and cute!) cutting board. Glad we switched to Fetch!”
Mary & Roxie